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Major John Casey fan community

Welcome to the first LJ community specifically dedicated to Major John Casey, as portrayed by Adam Baldwin in the new NBC series Chuck!

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Author: adellin_cabbie
Fandom: Chuck
Title: and he cried.
Major Characters: Casey, Chuck
Background Characters: Sarah
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG- 13
Warnings: character death, blood
Notes: Written for this prompt here.


I want to see the first mission where Chuck is actually badly injured. I can't decide if it would be more fun for it to be pre-everybody-knowing and to see him, Casey and Sarah trying to deal with it while simultaneously trying to keep it from everyone, or post-everybody-knowing and having the whole group doing the protective-concerned-caring-for process together so I'll leave it up to you.

I really just want Chuck being his whimpery blind-sided self while everyone (Casey and Sarah in particular) are all protective and comforty and whatnot.

Read - and he cried. - Here Collapse )


Fic: When John met Gertrude [ ]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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Chuck vs. the unknown Soldier [ ]
[ mood | creative ]

Team Bartowski saves the world yet again!


Please R & R!

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Casey + Verbanski [ ]

Do we love this or hate it?
Were the fight/sex scenes in Gertrude's office steamy hot?
[YES! YES!!!]
Who'd like to see more of that 'conjugal visit'?
[me! me!!]

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Chuck vs the Unknown Soldier, Chapter 9 [ ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Our Heroes go to NYC and discover a few things...


Reviews feed the hungry writer...


Chuck vs. the Unknown Soldier [ ]
Alexander Coburn never becomes John Casey.  AU


Please R & R!


Fic: "Poke" [ ]

Title: Poke
Pairings: Chuck/Casey - established relationship
Characters: Chuck, Casey, Sarah, Devon, Morgan
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: going AU shortly before the S3 finale, disregarding everything that came afterwards blatantly, and set in an alternate S4, or possible S5 (I haven't seen the real S4 yet)
Wordcount: ~7800 words
Summary: "It's not that the relationship isn't working. It's just." Chuck grimaces in desperation. "John never wants to try anything out. Me, I have lots of ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. Not on a Jeff level of kink, if you know what I mean," he hurries to add. "But still kink. There should be kink." When Chuck unveils the mystery of his lover's sexual interests, there's an unexpected problem: He doesn't share them. He doesn't get them. And he doesn't want them. At all.
Beta: millari who let me profit from her expertise in all the things I don't write a lot, such as the fluff, the sex, and the relationship issues.
Author's Note: This story involves a medical sex / doctor play kink. I had been contemplating whether I should point that out up front or not, but decided to do it for potential squickiness. However, I feel that warning for the unusual kinkiness might result in people skipping on the fic who might otherwise really enjoy it, because in a way, I wrote the fic for people who don't have the kink rather than for the ones who're sold on it in any case.

"Poke" on my LJ
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Chuck vs. the Unknown Soldier Chapter 4 now up... [ ]
[ mood | awake ]

In this outing we meet the baddies...




Chuck vs the Unknown Soldier Chapter 3 [ ]
[ mood | busy ]

Sorry about forgetting to post it here...

Alexander Coburn makes his appearance, and we see the toll his injury has taken on him and those he loves...

Chuck vs. the Unknown Soldier Chapter 3 Lexi's worried again… Her voice spoke in Alexander Coburn's ears, and he shivered at the slightly scolding tone to her voice. Yes, he knew he was putting Lexi, his beloved daughter through a lot of worry. "The wrong people are out and about," he muttered, carefully making sure that no one overheard the quiet conversation. I know…Her sigh filled his brain. But you won't find salvation out on the shooting range. "It helps me think," Coburn protested. In a way, it did. The crackling sound of gunfire soothed him, even as it reminded him of all he had lost. But she was right. If he didn't exercise caution, the wrong people would find him, and he would never get the chance to find the right people. "If they even exist…" he muttered softly. He was sitting on a stone bench, and it was just beginning to drizzle a little, so soon the shooters would put their guns away and go home. Coburn sighed, clutching his cane to his chest, wishing he was still the hale, whole, and uncrippled man he had been before Honduras… The wrong peoplewere out there right now, searching for him; and if they found him, he would be lost forever… When he had awakened from the coma back in Ninety-Four, he had awakened with a…gift; or maybe it was a curse. Coburn hadn't decided which one it was. But sometimes he just knew things. All through the Nineties, he had been plagued by nightmares of the Two Towers going down. He had put that down to some sort of Traumatic Shock thing, had made himself believe that was what it was. Then he woke up on the morning on 9-11, in the year 2001, and watched-along with the rest of the world-as his nightmares became recorded history… There had been other times too; like the time he had felt compelled to follow this stranger all the way to his house. Coburn couldn't explain it. But he just knew he had to speak to this man. If you ever meet up with a man called Daniel Shaw, remember to wear body armor. He'll try to kill you… He'd said other things too, the knowledge filling his brain, and the words just slipping from his mouth, things about the stranger's children and about something called…Intersect. Then, Kathleen had turned up, with the cops who had helped her track Coburn down, and a few of the men from the VA Hospital. Kathleen had been very upset with him that day, and he knew it was due to her fear of what might have happened to him. After all, Coburn wasn't exactly the tower of strength he used to be, was he? He could barely walk, he had seizures, his coordination was all shot to hell, and he…well…he saw things… He didn't remember getting injured in Honduras. One of the VA docs told him he'd been shot in the head, at very close quarters. In fact, as soon as the docs had established that he was capable of understanding speech, and responding in kind, he had been interviewed by two MPs. He hadn't been able to help their investigation; but he wasn't a dummy. He knew what all their questions more than strongly implied. He hadn't been shot by the enemy. He had been shot by a fellow American. And, all through his stay at the VA hospital, after he had awakened from the coma, all the docs kept telling him how truly miraculous his recovery was. Yeah…right…Miracle my ass… "Dad, there you are!" Lexi Coburn's voice brought Alex back to the present; and there his daughter was, accompanied by her boyfriend, Morgan Grimes. "Why do you keep on leaving the Home like that?" Lexi scolded him. "You're giving the staff fits, and you make me worry too. What if you had a seizure out here, with no one to help you?" Alex looked at his daughter, his beloved Fairy Princess. "It's just the shooting range," he finally said. "They all know me here." That was true. The shooting range employees all knew him, and they all seemed to try to keep an eye out for him. But Lexi wasn't mollified at all. "It's raining, Dad," she said. "And you know what Dr. Voss said about you and colds." "Speaking of which," Morgan Grimes interjected. "It's time to get you out of that rain, sir, and back to your place." Maybe Grimes was more than just a boyfriend by now. Even Coburn had to admit Lexi and Morgan made a great couple. Coburn sighed. He had wanted to be a good Father to his daughter, as much as he had wanted to be a good husband to his wife. But his injuries had made all of that impossible. It was all he could do just to be alive… But Morgan was a good kid; the kind of guy Alex would have wanted for his daughter. So, he allowed Grimes to help him to his feet, and set the cane in his hand, and they all headed for Lexi's beat-up little car. Time to go back to the Home… Morgan Grimes liked Lexi's Dad. He really did, and that was what made this all so hard. Alexander Coburn was a very tall man who stood at six foot four-plus. Before his injury in Honduras, he had also been a big man with a burly build and wide shoulders. Morgan had seen the photos of the young Lieutenant Alexander Coburn, and what he had been before the injury. A crippling brain injury had left Coburn fragile, prone to seizures and hallucinations, with medical needs that Lexi simply couldn't handle alone. She'd said it had been easier when her Mom was still alive; but Kathleen had died in 2003, victim of a hit-and-run accident. Trying to go to college and maintain a job at the same time had left Lexi with a terrible decision to make. She had hated to do this, but she'd had to put Alex in a Home, where he would receive the around-the-clock care he really needed. Right now, Coburn was looking off to his left, head cocked, as if listening to something. What's he hearing? Morgan wondered The man was standing there, leaning on the cane for support. With his height, and being so thin, there was almost this…scarecrowish look to him. "Let's get you into the car, sir." Morgan got Coburn settled in the front seat of Lexi's car after he had adjusted the front seat. Coburn needed all the legroom he could get, and Morgan really didn't mind sitting in one of the rear seats. Finally, they got Coburn to the VA Home, and it was a pretty decent place all told; not like those infamous Homes that seemed to make the news all the time. The place was comfortable-looking, and Coburn had a room to himself. The room was full of family photos, on every available surface, and there was an antique cassette deck player, along with a pretty decent collection of tapes-mostly Yes and Pink Floyd… Fortunately Coburn hadn't gotten wet from the rain-or we would never have heard the end of it from the VA staff-so no change of clothing was required, and Lexi could leave her father there, safe in the knowledge that it looked like he might not catch a cold this time. He'd caught a cold last year though, and it had almost killed him… "Don't wander off like that anymore, Dad," Lexi hugged her father. "It's too dangerous." Morgan watched as Alex awkwardly patted her shoulder. "I'll be good," the older man had said; with an appropriately contrite expression. But Morgan just had to wonder. Just how contrite are you? Lexi and Morgan had made their farewells, and now Alexander Coburn was safely tucked into his warm bed. He lay there, listening to the sounds of the night, a pillow clutched to his chest. He closed his eyes, listening for her… We'll have to try something different. Coburn sighed in relief. She was here… "The wrong people are here," he whispered. "I saw one of them in the hall today." We'll try escaping in a few days, Alex. But we'll need to try another place. The right people aren't at the shooting range. Coburn stared up at the ceiling. Where were the right people anyway? A vision filled his mind… It's a store, selling all sorts of electronic stuff, DVDs, and Kitchen Appliances; and there's a man sitting at a desk with the word Nerd herder on it. The man is young, with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes, and Coburn just knows the guy has a computer in his brain. He's also one of them… He's one of the Right People… So, Coburn guessed it was decided. Next time we escape, we go to the local Burbank Buy More…Collapse )

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Chuck vs. the Unknown Soldier Chapter 2 [ ]
[ mood | awake ]


Reviews are Manna!



Chuck vs. the Unknown Soldier [ ]
It's an AU where Alexander Coburn never became John Casey; and it also stars Colonel James Keller and Ty Bennet.



Fic: John Casey: A Best Practice Guide To Coming Out [ ]

Title: John Casey: A Best Practice Guide To Coming Out
Characters: Casey, ensemble
Pairing: Chuck/Casey
Rating: PG
Summary: Just remember that anybody can be gay.
Beta: Thank you very much, millari, for the beta.
AN: Text in italics is partly taken from the resources on http://www.hrc.org, though I changed most of it in wording and content. No infringement intended. If you’re an American in need of an actual coming out resource, go there.

John Casey: A Best Practice Guide To Coming Out

Ficlet: "Attachments" [ ]

Title: Attachments
Characters: Casey
Spoilers: Chuck vs. the Couch Lock
Wordcount: ~ 300 words
Summary: His eyes fell on his wallet lying on the window sill.
AN: for trulyobsessive who prompted me to write something to do with cleaning.


Ficlet: Tea [ ]

[ mood | anxious ]


I'm new, so I come bearing a small Casey-centric gen ficlet as an introductory gift, hehe. And now, I'm just going to be bold and honest -- I'm (desperately) looking for some Casey and/or Adam Baldwin fan friends. I don't normally make introductory/friending posts like these, but having no one to squee with gets lonely fast, and nobody seems to really get this whole...Casey fascination I've got going.

I make a nice friend. I don't bite. I don't judge. I don't start fandom wank, and I do my best to comment. Most of all, you should know I squee a lot. My username speaks the truth, lol. But I'm nice! Friends? :D Anybody?

Title: Tea
Rating: G
Characters: Casey
Word count: 392
Summary: Casey drinks tea.
Disclaimer: I don't own Chuck or any of the characters from Chuck. No copyright infringement is intended, and no money is being made.
Author's notes: Casey-centric genfic. No warnings or spoilers apply. You know how sometimes you get an idea or an image, and you just need to write it out? Well, for some reason, this scenario has been on my mind for days... Though it was about time I shared it.

( Follow the fake cut to my journal )

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Mile High Club [ ]

Title: Mile High Club
Author: Ru_salki99
Rating: PG
Pairing: Morgan/Casey
Disclaimer: Chuck belongs to WB/NBC
Summary: Post 4x01 - Morgan notices that Casey is being quieter than usual.

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